Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking events I’ve witnessed is my little brother saying a long goodbye to his wife. As his hope cracks and splinters, his eyes betray a realization that he has no control.

What do you do when the foundation upon which you’ve built your dreams turns to quicksand without warning?

What do you say in those moments where the silence is more unbearable than listening to the words of fools?

My heart breaks for my baby brother.

There’s been a lot of death in the news lately, an unavoidable and persistent reminder of the frailty of our lives. I care not about your politics, orientations, ethnicities, colors, or creeds. I care only that you realize how close we are, at any given moment in time, to the end of our lives. I care only that you have someone who loves you and will stand with you in your agony, as I am doing for my brother. I care only that you and I are people, we are all unique, and we all deserve respect.