Today, our nation pauses – even if briefly, breathlessly, amidst the chaos of current events – to celebrate the men and women who, at some point, stood in defense of our Nation.

Our Veterans are those who chose to postpone their private lives, their dreams, and some of their freedoms, to ensure that we could live our lives in tainted and forgotten freedom. Many Veterans raised their hands and swore an oath, knowing it was a decision that could cost them their lives.

We’ve lost many Warriors.

Those who remain bear the scars of battle, the weight of loss, and the burden of victory. The pain they endured to secure our freedoms and liberties are, by most citizens, only remembered on days like this.

On this day, take a moment to thank a family member or friend who is a Veteran. Or, even the stranger wheeling past you in a motorized cart, sporting their campaign hat indicating which war they survived.

Veterans represent every citizen of our country. They are: mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, GED & PhD holders. Within their ranks are all races, religions, orientations, and political ideologies. These “labels” used by society to ostracize others are not important within the ranks of Veterans. They are united by service.

Saying “Thank You” costs nothing, and it means the world to those who often feel forgotten by those they served. They didn’t lay their lives on the line for fast-food discounts or a fancy parking spot at some stores. They did it out of love…

Love for you.

Love for me.

Love of Country.

Happy Veterans Day!

If you are a veteran and need to talk to someone, please reach out:

Veterans Crisis Line

Suicide Prevention Hotline

Or, you can hit me up here. I am a veteran and I understand the demons we struggle with.

Thank you for your service.