Had I known what lie before
The life formed by our union
I’d have asked, indeed implor’d
If you knew what you were doin’.

I’d just escaped a poison bloom
That killed my inner being.
I lived alone, drunk by noon
On the back porch was I peeing.

I had no money, broke I was
For alimony bled me dry.
Often did I miss my sons
Only you ever saw me cry.

You were besieged because of me
by a woman you had not met.
She insulted your integrity,
And you stood beside me yet.

In your ire, thru thick and thin
You gave everything you had,
I flew to hell to defend myself
so my boys could see their dad.

I never asked for your support,
But you never held it back.
Even as lies besieged the court
You said they don’t know jack

Shit got real some years ago
When family started dying.
In five years we had to go
to six funerals, without flying.

On those trips we talked a lot
About the life we had endured.
Dreams and fears, our future fraught
with love, we each assured.

We made our own heathen spawn,
Often without trying.
Which kept us up ‘til early dawn
to answer all their crying.

We did not know the joy and peace
they’d bring into our lives.
Pain, as well, itself did lease
When the tears filled up their eyes.

Had you known that we’d have six
Would you have stuck around?
I think, in jest, you would say yes
For true love’s what we have found.

So here we are, I reminisce
Half way through our lives,
I love you more than I did then
You’re the best of all my wives.

Death doth beat its weary drum
My time here close to ending.
Thank you for the years of fun,
And for appearing at our wedding!