My friends, there has been a lot happening in my own, creative corner of the world. In addition to creating content for this personal website, as sporadic as that may be, I am also a full-time student, working towards a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

Over the past year or so, I’ve met some interesting characters, made some new friends, and even started my own freelance writing endeavor. It’s been very exciting! While the writing gig and school obligations have eaten into my personal blogging goals, I will still, always and forever, keep this website because it is what showed me how much I wanted to write.

Additionally, I’ve been told a few times over the past year or so that it would be beneficial to form an LLC. In one instance, it was related to the properties I own; and in another it was suggested that I do it for protection of my intellectual property. I quipped back at the last one, “I only have a couple of brain cells left, so is it really worth it?”

They didn’t laugh as hard as I did.

In any case, have any of you any experience with such an endeavor? What are your thoughts on the formation of LLCs for writers or creatives? For property owners?

I’ve done copious amounts of research over the last few months, and I can see that starting an LLC cost a lot of money. Additionally, it incurs a yearly expense that is not as much as the initial one. I also get that the amount I spend forming an LLC is deductible on taxes.

And yet, I still want to hear from people. I can read websites and conduct my own research, but I am also looking for “lessons learned” from anyone who has done something similar to what I’m considering.

So, I leave it at this: What are your thoughts concerning writers and LLCs?

Thanks so much for reading!