Good evening, WordPress universe.

It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything. You’d think being home for the past 7 weeks would open up all sorts of time for me to write. That, unfortunately, has proved to be a false sentiment.

Like the rest of the country, and much of the world, I am locked away, socially distant, and only venturing out if necessary. All six of the kids have been home as well, much to their dismay. I really do feel for them because I know they miss their friends. One of my elementary school aged daughters told me she missed the cafeteria food … I wasn’t sure how to take that!

My wife and I have been helping the kids with their assignments, and we’ve been able to identify areas in which they have struggled. If anything changes after this quarantine, it will be the level of involvement I have in their school work. They need more time with us, but we have not given them what they needed, until now.

While I am busy with a master’s program and pulling in any money I can from freelance writing, my wife is teleworking for her army job. But since we’re all home all the time, we are able to take more time in addressing their problem areas, which is something we have not done well until now. I think because there are so many of them and they’re already fighting for our attention, we generally triage issues that arise and administer trauma medicine, band-aids I guess, instead of really diving deep into each challenge. We’ve talked about this for the last month, and we see a need for change.

Before the quarantine, we were really busy. We had scout meetings, school activities, and family outings that kept us running to and fro. Now, we’re busy meeting deadlines, but it’s for all of the Zoom meetings our kids’ schools offer. We have kids upstairs, kids in the basement, and the pre-schoolers (there are two) on the main floor with us, meeting with their friends and talking about whatever grabs their attention. Between 10am and 3pm, we are Zoom’d up most days, with my wife and I jumping between floors to handle connectivity issues. From chauffeur to network administrator. I may add that to my resume!

I had a piece planned that I wanted to write about my last month at the book store. I was going to call it “Five Mondays in March”, because I was only working on Mondays during that time. I gave up my last few shifts to the workers who actually needed the money, since this COVID mess had just started and they were cutting hours. Most of my co-workers were in their late teens or early twenties, many enrolled in college. I’m retired from the Army, debt free, and I didn’t really need the money. My shifts were snagged up in less than a day and I’m glad someone got the hours. However, that torpedoed the plans I had for that story. So, instead of writing a non-fiction essay to cover that time, I’m working on a short fiction story that covers my time there and the many friends that I made. I’m writing a little bit on it every night.

I miss working at the book store sometimes, but at this point I think it’s because I’ve been stuck at home. I hear that some states are slowly starting to reopen, but I last heard that the Virginia governor is planning on our reopening to take a year or two. I hope that’s not the case. I am aware that things will probably not go back to how they were before, but I want to stretch my legs and let my feathers out.

“I’m a peacock, Captain! You gotta let me fly on this one!” I love that movie.

Well, I just wanted to touch base with the one or two of you that may actually read this, to let you know that my clan and I are alive. We’re healthy. I hope you are all doing well, no matter where you are.

If you are bored and wanna reach out, leave a comment on this post. My response time is generally short, especially these days! We can banter back and forth, suggest writing prompts, or just know that someone else is out there.

Be well, my friends.