It is March, and we have a lot to look forward to: Spring, spring cleaning, BBQs, and college basketball. March is also National Women’s History Month in the US. On this day, March 8th, we are celebrating International Women’s Day!

When I came across this holiday at the National Calendar Day website, I discovered that this day celebrates “the social, economic, and political achievements of women around the world.”

I also read that the World Economic Forum estimates that global gender equality will be achieved by 2133…


In 113 years, there may be global gender equality? That is ridiculous! Worthy of ridicule in every way. I had to check that out, and I did find the WEF Global Gender Gap Index 2020 . The conclusion for that report gave an estimate of 99.5 years until equality finally happens, which is still a generation or two away. I want to explore why that is the case, but I will do that in another post.

Today, I want to recognize all women around the world. No woman should be denied healthcare, education, employment or pay because of their gender. Women should have the right to be protected under the law, and to be free from violence or the threat of violence. I’ve been blessed with amazing women in my life: my mom, my grandmas, my aunts, and my wife. At every intersection of my life, there have been women helping me: teachers, lawyers, and the doctors who delivered my five daughters! We have women astronauts and business leaders, and at some point we will have our first woman president. On this day, International Women’s Day, I recognize you, your victories, and your struggles. 

I have five amazing daughters, and I want nothing more for them than to chase down every dream they have for their lives. My oldest played tackle football for a couple of seasons because she dreams of being the first woman quarterback in the NFL. One of my daughters wants to be a robotics engineer. Why? Because she hates doing chores and she wants to make a machine to do that for her. I’m all for it. Another of my daughters wants to be a teacher because she absolutely loves school. My four-year-old little girl wants to be both a rock star and a doctor. The reason? Because she loves to sing and help people who are injured … at four! I encourage all of my children in whatever endeavor they have at the time. I want them to dream and I want them to enter the future knowing they can do anything. They also know that there are girls their age around the world who do not have the same opportunities and freedoms they do. I celebrate this day for the future women my daughters will be.

Equality doesn’t have to take another century.



International Women’s Day also has a website. Check out ways to get involved and support the cause! Link: 

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