Good afternoon, my wayward WordPress blog!

It confounds me so that I created this blog in April and hadn’t yet published any of my writing. It almost seems that I can only engage this blog during months beginning with “A”!

In April, I finished by undergraduate degree. During those four long years I had some success, a dash or two of failure, and a smattering of indecision regarding my life’s directions. After retiring from the Army and becoming a full-time dad, I could not articulate what purpose I wanted my life to have. I suppose it has taken this entire summer to get there, hence my absence from this premium blog.

When you have as many kids as I do, there is always something to write about. I am never stuck in one genre either. My preteen grants us the blessing of endless drama. The next one in line leverages the full weight of her ADHD into every day life, seamlessly infusing chaos and energy into even the smallest of tasks. My five-year old is the most loving and sinister of them all, pulling the strings of the other children until she exacts her desired response. The twins, another girl and our lone son, are forever bickering, yet they refuse to be separated from each other for any period of time. They can speak to us, but they also have their own language, and it is a mystery trying to figure out what they’re planning. The last in line is almost one, and I love to watch the awe and wonder on her face as this family bounces and skids through life!

All of that to say, it will not be another three months before I post something. I was away for a long time for reasons I still don’t understand. I kept writing, but not posting. I need this blog more than it needs me.

A Note to Readers:

I thank you so much for taking the time to read anything that I post here! I genuinely welcome critiques of my work, and I love feedback. I have a couple big projects that I am looking to publish in the next year, and I write creatively the things that clog my mind and prevent me from moving forward on those projects. Even though these posts are just an outlet for my creative writing, I am always looking for opportunities to publish them. The better they are, the more likely someone will want to slap them into a publication!

Thanks for showing up!